Integrated management

Sustainability thanks to integrated management systems

Hanwha Qcells has appointed a management systems officer with many years’ experience in DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 and 45001. He is responsible for implementing and developing quality, environmental, energy and health and safety requirements further with the support of all executive board members. Hanwha Qcells has advanced the issue of sustainability significantly through its certified quality, environmental, energy and health and safety management system. Quality, environmental, energy and health and safety-related aspects along with our company’s legal requirements for are continuously analysed, evaluated and communicated.

Modern process management system

The basis for our management system is Hanwha Qcells process landscape. The core business processes are underpinned by detailed sub-processes and procedural requirements. Processes are further developed and improved, based on a plan-do-check-act cycle.


Future-looking corporate policy

We take responsibility for the future. A sustainable product requires a sustainable company policy, because sustainability is an investment in our future together. Financial and ecological criteria as well as our employees’ health are issues closely interrelated with our high quality standards when it comes to making decisions about investments and the launch of new processes and products.

Corporate policy

Further development of our management system

The improvement process integrated into the management system ensures that the quality of processes and products are improved on a continuous basis.
The management and the management system officer carry out a management system review every business year or when far-reaching changes are made to the management system. Focuses for further development are planned and agreed by taking into consideration the required activities, costs and the necessary resources.

A yearly audit programme ensures that company processes and corporate standards are implemented effectively. All company departments are subject to an audit every three years while key departments undergo audit on an annual basis. Responsibility for planning and implementing audits lies with quality management. The management system is controlled in the group of companies with the aid of standardised evaluations.

Quality assurance

Hanwha Qcells aims to optimally adapt to customer and market needs at all times. That is why the Quality Management Department‘s quality assurance system monitors the quality level of our products in accordance with established, documented quality criteria to ensure a level of quality in accordance with the customer's requirements. A large number of instruments are available to measure and monitor product and process quality.


Sustainable purchasing

As a globally operating company, Hanwha Qcells is in contact with suppliers worldwide. Corporate responsibility is an essential part of the Hanwha Qcells procurement strategy. Suppliers are selected and assessed based on a fully integrated supplier management system. The development of a comprehensive code of conduct for our suppliers was a logical consequence for us. All our suppliers are required to act according to the code of conduct. Checking compliance with these principles is a permanent, inherent part of our suppliers' audits.

Code of conduct 

Coordination of external companies

Code of conduct