Qcells charging station

Charge your electric car at favourable prices – any time, any place


The smart charging station

In addition to the advantages of a high-end charger, the Q.HOME EDRIVE A allows you to use surplus electricity from your PV system, making it the perfect clean energy complement to your Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G3 storage system. You can monitor and control the entire charging process on the move, so you always have your system in view, even when you are on the road.

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Perfect addition to the Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G3

5-minute setup using the smartphone app via WLAN.

3 different charging modes

Green mode, Eco mode, Fast mode: all possible applications covered.

Surplus power charging

Effectively use the surplus electricity from your PV System.

Remote access and settings, anywhere

Always keep track of your systems and settings, no matter where you are.

One System, simple Monitoring

Easy integration to the Q.HOME+ ESS monitoring platform and Q.HOME+ ESS app.

Dynamic load balance control

Constantly monitors and adjusts grid consumption.

Scheduled time charging

Ideal for time-based electricity tariffs.

Current converter included

All functions are available with other PV inverters.

Product features

  • 1x EV Charger
  • 1x wall bracket with fixing material
  • 1x Safety instructions
  • 1x quick installation guide
  • 3/5 ferrules (3 for single-phase, 5 for 3-phase)
  • 1x RJ45 adapter
  • 2x RFID card
  • CT terminals / current transformers (1x for single-phase, 3x for 3-phase)
  • 1x warranty card

249 x 370 x 155 (W x X x D) (mm)

AC (alternating current) to the 230 volt mains (single-phase at 7.2kW variant; 3-phase at 11/22 kW)

Type 2 plug (standardised)

Approval for electric cars:

All cars that have a type 2 charging socket can be charged with the Q.HOME EDRIVE A.

Quick Guide

User Manual

Safety Information