Qcells charging station

Charge your electric car at a favourable electricity price – any time, any place


The smart charging station

The Q.HOME EDRIVE-G1 offers not only the benefits of a high-end charger but also the option of mobile charging. And this with standard Premium functional scope.

The charging station can do everything a permanently installed charging station can do, but is extremely compact and universal in use. The Q.HOME EDRIVE-G1 lets you charge everywhere, at any socket and almost any electric car.

The smallest charging station for home and on the move with integrated type 2 socket.
The quick release wall bracket enables rapid disassembly and mobile use.
Presetting of the charging time with start and stop, weekday and time.


Intelligent charging
  • Intelligent connection to the electricity market prices enables ecological and economical charging.
  • Information on the current charge status, charge history, adapter recognition and type 2 cable recognition.
  • Presetting of the charging time with start and stop, weekday and time.
Convenient assembly
  • Thanks to the quick release wall bracket – rapid disassembly of the charging station.
  • The integrated FI saves expensive FI type B (RCCP) retrofitting in building technology.
  • IP54 protection class for permanent operation outdoors.
Unbeatable hardware
  • High charging capacity to 22 kW with matching type 2 plug. Type 1 plug can be connected via adapter.
  • Diverse adapters for one-phase and multiphase charging, as well as charging at household sockets.
  • Mechanical cable locking with car and charging station until release by the owner.
Smart control
  • Connection via the internet or directly via hotspot, with free app for detailed settings.
  • Personalised access via standard RFID-enabled cards or chips.
  • Personalised via user accounts with monthly consumption overview and RFID card administration.

Product properties

  • Charge box 22 kW with 32 A CEE plug
  • Wall mount including screws and dowels
  • Optionally installable cable protection (anti-theft)
  • Instructions
  • 15 × 25 cm,
  • 2.0 kg
  • CEE red 32 A, 30 cm
  • with adapter:
    • CEE red 16 A
    • CEE blue 16 A
  • Safety plug (household socket) 16 A
  • Capacity: max. 22 kW (32 A 3-phase)
  • Type 2 socket, own type 2 able required (not in scope of supply)
  • Lock with anti-theft protection
  • Charging capacity max. 22 kW (32 A 3-phase)
  • Vehicles with type 1 can be charged with adapter cables
  • Vehicle and status display readable via LED ring
  • Charging capacity can be set by pushbutton or app
  • RFID access control
  • Residual current device (FI) with DC detection, 30 mA AC, 6 mA DC
  • Phase and voltage testing of the input voltage
  • Phase testing after the contactor
  • Earth detection (“Norway function” can be deactivated)
  • Current sensor 3-phase
  • Customer exchangeable microfuse for internal electronics (trips if supply cable is connected incorrectly)
  • Adapter recognition with automatic reduction to 16 A
  • Can be used locally (via WLAN hotspot) or worldwide (via WLAN)
  • Setting / Monitoring the charge
  • Start-Stop function
  • Charging timer
  • Max. Wh charge
  • Access management (RFID / app)
  • Management of RFID cards
  • Cable Lock-Unlock functions
  • Electricity meter (total kWh and per RFID card)
  • Electricity market connection with intelligent charge management
  • Updateable for functional extensions (e.g. smart home)
  • LED colour adaptation
  • Management of charging levels via hardware button

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For all electric cars approved in europe

  • Renault Zoe
  • Nissan Leaf
  • BMW i3
  • all Tesla cars
  • Hyundai Ioniq
  • VW eGolf
  • Mercedes-Benz EQC
  • Kia Niro
  • etc.