The flexible flat-roof mounting system for solar modules in south and east/west orientation.


The Q.FLAT-G6 is a flexible flat-roof mounting system that can be installed in east-west orientation as well as in south-facing elevations. The system benefits from optimised ballasting, short assembly time and maximum safety. A wide range of accessories as well as an optimal contact surface give you numerous options for all types of roof.


South orientation


east/west orientation

With Q.FLAT-G6, there are just four simple steps to a ready-to-use solar system

Do you want everything from a single source and to be assured that the components coordinated one with another not only interact perfectly, but that you can also count on the services of your partner? With our system solutions, we are the right contact.

Planning of the system with the Q CELLS ROOFTOP PLANNER
Step 1
  • Module assignment plan
  • Module interconnection
  • Inverter design
  • Cable plan
  • Ballasting plan
Creation of documentation
Step 2
  • Statics report with consideration of wind and snow loads
  • Profitability calculation
  • Parts list
Step 3
  • Qcells supplies all components on time directly to the construction site
Easy installation
Step 4
  • Installation of the Q.FLAT-G6 system including module cabling and inverters

Key Facts

Q.FLAT-G6 - Optimised ballast
Optimised ballast

The new Q.FLAT-G6 never fails to impress thanks to its low dead weight and low surface load. The ballast can be further optimised by means of ridge couplings and side covers if required. In addition, the small ballast can be secured onto the main base profile to permanently fix the entire system's position on the roof and provide additional safety. Green roof and gravel coverings are now also possible without any problems.

Short installation time with Q.FLAT-G6
Short installation time

The Q.FLAT-G6 can be installed in a very short time thanks to our easy click technology with non-interchangeable connections. The system offers a measurement-free and reversible installation that requires only one tool.

Q.FLAT-G6 - Maximum safety
Maximum safety

The Q.FLAT-G6 provides sufficient lightning current carrying capacity and equipotential bonding for every project – with no additional expense for you. Like all our flat-roof systems, the continuous floor rail protects the module against additional loads on the roof (e.g. rotation, torsion). This lets you arrange the maintenance aisles as you see fit and thus ensure optimal coverage of the roof. The European Technical Approval (ETA) has already been applied for.

Wide range of accessories

A wide range of accessories is available for the Q.FLAT-G6 to simplify the planning and installation of your project as required. For example, we offer various components for optimal cable routing or optional fall protection – these diverse accessories are available in the Qcells Rooftop Planner. Alternatively, we will be happy to talk you through them.

Q.FLAT-G6 with optimum contact surface
Optimum contact surface

The Q.FLAT-G6 is supplied with a HighTec building protection mat as standard, which is also suitable for bitumen and foil roofs without plasticiser integration. Thanks to the high-quality pre-assembled building protection mats, the roof drainage is unimpeded at all times, giving the roof owner reliable protection against water accumulation.

You’re interested in our Q.FLAT-G6 flat roof system? We’d be happy to provide you with consultation.

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