Energy Storage

The ideal solution to save electricity sustainably.


The Q.HOME CORE H4 consists of a 4.6 kW hybrid inverter and a 6.86 kWh battery pack, while the Q.HOME CORE A4 combines an AC-coupled 4.6 kW inverter with a 6.86 kWh battery pack.

The hybrid system is aimed at customers with new systems, while the AC coupled storage system is particularly suitable for upgrading existing solar systems. Both models impress with their simple and uncomplicated installation.

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The modular and scalable power storage solution

The Q.HOME⁺ ESS HYB-G3 power storage system is the ideal solution for private households, as it enables homeowners to sustainably reduce their electricity costs while benefiting from long-term operational and yield security. Its scalable and modular design make the Q.HOME⁺ ESS HYB-G3 energy storage system the optimal solution for own consumption of solar power.

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The Q.VOLT P-X Series offers a comprehensive range of string inverters, including both single-phase and three-phase models and a wide selection of power classes. From small systems to commercial facilities, your individual requirements are thus optimally covered.